Season Wrap up

Congratualtions on your Monster Bash tournament win!
Your USSSA #3 NATIONAL Power Rating at the AA level!

Overall POWER RANKING NATIONALLY for AA, 16u FireClub sits at #3.
In terms of USSSA Tournament Play Points Ranking we are #47.

RankState / CityIn Class RecordPower RatingTeam Name
1CAN / Citrus Heights11-01324JAX Cougars
2CAN / San Jose8-01205South Bay Legacy
3MN / Minnetonka5-21137Pine Tar Fire Club 16u
4CAN / Mountain View5-01120Mission City Green
5CAN / Belmont4-01106Bel-Mateo Aces
6CAN / Nor Cal6-11092Sandlot Baseball 16u
7MO / Kansas City6-21081KC Red Sox
8TXN / Fort Worth3-01058Stingrays - Bartolucci
9KS / Olathe6-31055KC Patriots
10FLS / Lakewood Ranch3-21042Lakewood Ranch Marauders

For anyone interested you can see this full rankings page here:
USSSA AA Baseball Rankings 2016

Now, one question I do have… the Monster Bash tournament was a USSSA “Qualifier”.
A Qualifier for what ??? is my question.